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  • The DFMGI rallies on, approaches our target

    On September 9, we made the case for a rally in the Dubai index (DFMGI) from 1570 to 1650 highlighting the supporting Macro picture as well as the Market’s own positive price action. Our recommendation was to take a long bias with a focus on the liquid stocks [...]

  • Gold attains our target, remains strong

    On September 4, we said that we were bullish on Gold making the case for a rally to 1750. Our view was that the yellow precious metal was shaping up for a big move and that a major driver for it would be the decisions of the central banks on how aggressive their money [...]

  • Dubai: for more upside in the DFMGI

    After its modest retracement in late August, the DFMGI seems to have found support around the 1500 level as evidenced by the last eight trading sessions. While volume remains low for us to get very excited, the odds are high that the index will [...]

  • Silver, a leveraged play on Gold

    We could technically copy our bullish argument on Gold and apply it to Silver with one additional element to consider – Silver acts as a leveraged play to gold. The two metals are tagging along although Silver does show that a breakout is already in place [...]

  • Bullish on Gold

    The last three weeks changed the technical game for gold. After a base that lasted nearly 3 months, the metal seems to be breaking out on heavy volume. While we would keep a very close eye to what the ECB will have to say on Thursday given that a decisive [...]