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  • Qatar: to buy or not to buy

    On October 9, we discussed our long term view of the Qatar index (QSI) highlighting the fact that the market has been in sideways trading mode for nearly two years. Our take was that a break from the range is required before betting on a new medium-to-long term trend [...]

  • Dubai: price action at its best

    You have to love when the market plays by the rules. On October 7, we said that our 1650 target in the Dubai index (DFMGI) was practically attained marking a 4.7% gain on our call in one month. Following the move to 1650, we remained positive but turned cautious [...]

  • Qatar: our medium term view

    Yesterday, we put out a piece on the Saudi market highlighting where the index stands from a medium-to-long term standpoint. We also highlighted the importance of having a top-down approach when looking at the market as it helps take out much of the noise [...]

  • Saudi: what the monthly chart is saying

    One of the key lessons in studying charts is the importance of narrowing down from the big picture to the small one. That top-down approach allows the analyst/trader to gain perspective before making market calls or taking trading decisions [...]

  • Dubai: 1650 target is practically attained on DFMGI

    On September 9, we made the case for a rally in the Dubai index (DFMGI) from 1570 to 1650. We then reiterated our call two weeks later highlighting the positive price action in the market. The index gained 4.7% since then and it currently stands just under our target [...]