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    The latest move is…

    On November 7, we highlighted Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQK)’s move alongside the rising trendline and we said that a [...]

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    Is it a base in price?

    On November 19, we said that our downside target of 1.23 in Aldar was attained and that traders would have saved 5% by following [...]

  • Emaar and the UAE stock market in late 2012 – Al Arabiya TV

    We share with Lara Habib our thoughts on the market’s reaction to the real estate projects announced in Dubai. We also discuss the stock trend in Emaar and the UAE market in general.

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    Still outperforming and…

    On November 6, we talked about Du’s outperformance over the Dubai index (DFMGI) and we showed the stock moving alongside a [...]

  • Dubai: failed to break, just as we expected

    On November 25, we reiterated our bearish view on the Dubai index (DFMGI) and we advised traders to sell into any rebound to the 1620-1630 [...]

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    A winner despite…

    On November 14, we highlighted AirArabia’s break above the low-end of an important resistance zone of 0.70-0.74 and we said that [...]

  • You could have saved 5%

    On November 13, we said that there was little upside potential in Mobily despite the continued outperformance in the stock. Our advice was to [...]

  • We did say it won’t hold for long

    On November 18, we made the case for a top in Saudi Fertilizers (Safco 2020) and we advised traders not to wait for the confirmation and [...]

  • Saudi: did you follow the signs?

    On November 20, we said that there was no justification to rush into buying the Saudi market. Our view was that a stabilization in [...]

  • Qatar: watch out for the turn

    On November 18, we said that the downside risk in the Qatar index (QSI) was high despite the short-term support that stood near [...]