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    The rally: a one-off or a new upleg?

    In the last three sessions, we saw strong buying interest in some of the more speculative stocks in Dubai. Names such as Dubai [...]

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    The move is positive but…

    On December 18, we said that our strategy to sell the rebounds in Emaar (EMAAR) proved to be wise…However, the last session witnessed a strong [...]

  • The fall and the rebound

    On December 9, we said that our call to sell the rallies in Brent oil was in place highlighting the fall from 112 to 107 for a loss of 4.5% in Brent prices [...]

  • S&P500 falls off the resistance, “Fiscal Cliff” looms

    On December 1, we said that the S&P500 was approaching a key resistance zone at 1430-1470 where selling pressure would likely emerge. Our recommendation was [...]

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    Back at 90

    On December 9, we said that Sabic (2010) attained our target at 91 for a gain of 4.5%. We also said the stock and the Saudi index (TASI) were [...]

  • Dubai: in range-bound mode

    On December 15, we highlighted the 1580-1630 range in the Dubai index (DFMGI) and we said that the downside risk remained high despite a probable rebound from [...]

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    The break and the validation

    After a healthy pull-back in the following two sessions, the stock witnessed a follow-through in buying thereby validating the [...]

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    Direction vs. Money Management

    …as we always say, the ability to manage trading positions is as important as the ability to call the direction in a stock. Now that the range was breached [...]

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    Buy the break?

    Since then, we have seen the share price clear the barrier and reach …Should the stock manage to…we stand ready to advise [...]

  • Our first trade gains 5.6%, the second gains 8.5%

    On December 18, we said that our trade in Arriyadh Development (4150) attained our target for a 5.6% gain in two days. The [...]