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    A great run

    On December 19, we said that AirArabia (AIRA) was able to clear the first resistance around 0.740 and that the next target for the stock was [...]

  • Saudi:lock in the gains, play the laggards

    On December 11, we said that the Saudi index (TASI) attained our upside target at the November-December down trendline – near 6800 – around which we [...]

  • Qatar: our support was validated, market rebounds

    On December 4, we highlighted the anticipated fall in Qatar’s index (QSI) and we said that the market was just above an important short-term support at [...]

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    Is it worth it?

    On December 10, we said that the stage was set for a rebound in Qatar National Bank (QNBK) and we looked for early [...]

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    We simply can’t ignore the signs

    We have kept you out of Arabtec (ARTC) since October 18 and during the period, we saw the stock lose 11%. In our latest note, we said that the [...]

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    It’s in the profile

    In the last few sessions, we saw Tourism Enterprise (4170) retrace from its high at 39.90 and fall back to 37.40. In our view, the move [...]

  • Gains 6%, just under our target

    On December 11, we said that Saudi Industrial Development (2130) was a laggard and we made the case for a catch-up play in the stock. Our advice was to buy [...]

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    The designated resistance kicked in

    On December 12, we highlighted the important resistance around 0.50 in Dana Gas (DANA) and we advised traders to sell [...]

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    Attains our target for a 9% gain

    On December 3, we made the case for further gains in Dar Al Arkan (4300) and we advised buying upon a retracement to [...]

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    Still Moving Higher

    On December 10, we said that our trade in AirArabia (AIRA) was up by 7.3% and that it would be wise to…As highlighted on the chart, the move puts the [...]