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    A quick validation

    Yesterday, we highlighted the positive price action in Qatar Islamic Bank (QIBK) and we said that the stock’s ability to close above [...]

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    Gains 20% and still more to come

    It is happening…On January 29, we reiterated our bullish view on Arabtec and we advised holding on to the positions we recommended buying on [...]

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    Sorouh-Aldar: before and after

    On January 8, we highlighted the sharp rallies in Aldar (ALDR) and Sorouh (SOR) and we said there was obvious momentum behind the stocks. The reason was [...]

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    After a sharp sell-off following the preliminary financial results, Qatar Islamic Bank (QIBK) shifted to a consolidation mode as evidenced by [...]

  • Generates 19%, more gains in sight

    On January 8, we highlighted the catch-up opportunity in Union National Bank (UNB) and we argued for a rally to… Then on January 13, we made the case for further [...]

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    In the zone

    After a strong rally in the first week of January, Qassim Agriculture (6020) began a pull-back that ended up retracing its entire gains [...]

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    Should you buy the pull-back?

    After a strong run at the beginning of the year, Al Ahsa Development (2140) registered a correction that drove its share price back to [...]

  • A 27% gain since our first call

    It was only yesterday that we made the case for an 8% rally in Emirates NBD. Well, it did not take long for the stock to generate [...]

  • Sensational Emaar returns 17%, more gains in sight

    On January 15, we advised buying Emaar (EMAR) at 4.06 and we have been bullish on the stock ever since. In our last update, we said that the stock attained [...]

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    Will it break?

    On January 13, we advised buying Industries Qatar (IQCD) at 162. Then on January 23, we highlighted the 2.5% gain on the trade and argued for [...]