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  • Qatar: still positive

    On January 14, we showed the weekly chart of the Qatari index (QSI) and we highlighted the important break above the year-long down trendline [...]

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    Will it break?

    We were buyers of Arabtec on the first trading day of the year and we have been bullish ever since. In our last update on January 20, we said that he stock would likely retest its [...]

  • Global markets in the context of Europe and ECB actions – CNBC Arabia

    We highlight the strong performance in global equity markets in January 2013 and the central bank actions with a focus on Europe. We explain the drivers behind the rally and what to look for a sustained run in equities.

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    The pull-back and the support

    After its latest retracement which followed the press release clarifying the distributable profits, Vodafone Qatar (VFQS) is now testing

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    A pre-emtpive exit

    On January 10, we said that many stocks were lagging behind the early year rally in the Qatari market. At that time, the gains were primarily driven by [...]

  • Remember the banks? We are still playing them

    The fear over a tight mortgage cap in the UAE seems to have reversed. The latest news over a proposal made to the Central Bank recommending [...]

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    It gained 5.8%, now what?

    On January 10, we highlighted the sharp gains in Tabreed (TABR) and we said that the stock could rally higher than one would expect. We had made a [...]

  • Hits our second target for a total gain of 12.2%

    On January 7, we advised buying National Gas & Industrialization (2080) at 18.7. Then on January 20, we said that the trade was up 5.3% [...]

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    The pull-back and the trade

    Nama Chemicals (2210) has fallen back alongside the Saudi Tadawul index in the last two weeks with the move pushing the share price to [...]

  • One of our aggressive trades gains 9%

    Since then, we have seen Union Properties (UPP) gain 9% thereby validating our view on the speculative stocks and their tendency to [...]