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  • Arabtec post the annoucement and the UAE markets – Al Arabiya TV

    It was all about Arabtec today and the triple whammy…The stock was limit down today and more selling remains in sight. Check our interview with Al Arabiya earlier today for our latest views on the stock and the UAE market in general…

  • Global markets post the Italian elections – CNBC Arabia

    With the recent Italian elections spooking investors, we discuss the negative reaction in global financial markets and share our views on the major currencies along with other asset classes including equities, commodities…

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    It bounced off our entry zone

    On February 25, we highlighted Emaar’s decisive breakout above the key resistance at 5.00 and suggested to pay attention to the BOD meeting [...]

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    This one hurts…

    There is nothing you can say when faced with a surprising announcement such as the one we heard following Arabtec’s BOD meeting – for those [...]

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    Interesting how it played out

    On February 17, we highlighted the one day sell-off in First Gulf Bank (FGB) and we said that the move would have signaled weakness had we not [...]

  • Qatar: looking for a catalyst

    On January 29, we highlighted the successful bounce off last year’s key resistance line in the Qatari index (QSI) following the upside break which took place in early 2013. The move [...]

  • Saudi: awaiting the break from the dull range

    On February 6, we highlighted the tight range near 7000 within which the Saudi Tadawul Index (TASI) was trading and we said there was [...]

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    Still strong

    Yesterday, we highlighted Emaar’s early morning breakout and we said that the move was positive and it would have bullish implications if [...]

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    Breaking out

    On February 4, we reiterated our bullish view on Arabtec saying that traders should hold on to the positions we advised initiating in early January. In fact [...]

  • Emaar could restore the bullish stance to Dubai

    On February 18, we said that Emaar (EMAR) was at a crossroad and we advised paying close attention to the stock’s price action around the [...]