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    Regains 3%, sticking to the trade

    On February 6, we highlighted the short-lived 11% gain on our trade in Al Ahsa Development (2140) which came in within a very close reach of [...]

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    Still inside the range

    On February 16, we highlighted Sabic’s bounce off our stop at 91.5 and the ensuing rebound to 94.75 and we said that it paid [...]

  • Closing the trade for a 5.1% gain

    On January 31, we advised buying Qatar Islamic Bank (QIBK) at 73.2 in anticipation of a potential rally to the 76.5-77.5 area. Our view was based [...]

  • Du and the latest gains in the UAE markets – Al Arabiya TV

    It was all about Du yesterday…the stock was the main driver behind the gains in Dubai. Our interview with Lara Habib after the close yesterday touched on the rally and its potential implications. It also highlighted some of the arguments for and against a sustained rally in the near term.

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    Still fishing…

    The Saudi general market has gone nowhere in the past five weeks. The Saudi Tadawul index (TASI) has been moving within a tight range for [...]

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    We stand ready…

    On January 28, we said that the price action in Barwa (BRES) was not encouraging and there were signs of a possible sell-off. Our advice was [...]

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    Target hit for a 7.1% gain

    Minutes after issuing our update on Tabreed (TABR) yesterday, we saw the stock rally from 1.61 to end the session at 1.67. Having advised an [...]

  • It’s in the money with a 4.5% gain

    On February 11, we said that Tabreed (TABR) seemed to have found a short-term support around 1.50 and we made the case for a probable rebound. Our advice [...]

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    Interesting stock, interesting sector

    Following an extended correction that pulled the stock down from 18.00 to a low of 14.90, Ahmed Fitaihi (4180) has been rising gradually since [...]

  • Our reasons for caution on Emaar and UAE markets – CNBC Arabia

    We are not saying a sell-off is imminent or even certain at this point but it does look like the stage is set for one. We will have to wait a little longer for the market to tell us if and when it STARTS to happen. In the meantime, make sure your bets are hedged/protected and take some gains off the table.