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  • After anticipating the Q1 2013 rallies, we share our views for the upcoming quarter – Al Arabiya TV

    After anticipating the Q1 2013 market rallies in the Dubai Financial Market General index (DFMGI) and the Saudi Tadawul inde (TASI) at the onset of the year, we share with Fatima from Al Arabiya our latest views on the markets and what to expect for the second quarter…

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    Is this the right time to buy Emaar?

    On March 19, we advised exiting Emaar (EMAR) around 5.42 in anticipation of a fall to 5.25. Then on March 27, we said that latest [...]

  • What’s next for the Saudi Tadawul (TASI) index?

    It took two months for the Saudi Tadawul index (TASI) to make a move but the wait has paid off…But now what? {…]

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    A catch-up play?

    One of the themes in the Saudi market lately was the real estate sector with many of its constituents staging a strong bounce [...]

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    First tranche closed for a gain of 3.3%, hold on to the second

    On March 20, we said that our trade on Saudi Maaden (1211) was playing out and we advised taking partial profits in the stock at [...]

  • An 11.5% gain on the second tranche

    On March 11, we made the case for further gains in Saudi Industrial Development (2130) and we advised keeping the remaining [...]

  • A 4.8% return, protect your gains

    On March 26, we said that our trade on Saudi Jarir Marketing (4190) started to pay off after having stalled for some time. Our advice was [...]

  • Europe and Cyprus ahead of the re-opening of the banks – CNBC Arabia

    With Cyprus being such a hot topic lately, we discuss the anomalies we are seeing in global financial markets and their potential implications on traders and investors. Europe takes center stage in the discussion as we highlight the decoupling within its different financial markets…

  • What’s next for the UAE stock market?

    With the UAE equity markets staging a stellar performance since the beginning of the year, some are looking at the most recent [...]

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    Are UAE banks still a theme?

    Among the strong performers in the UAE market lately were some of the Abu Dhabi Banks. News of their repayment of the funds to the [...]