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    Where is the catalyst?

    After trading sideways for six sessions, Saudi’s Alrajhi Bank (1120) witnessed…the Saudi banks remain laggards and lack an imminent catalyst, the reward/risk [...]

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    Now what?

    In the past four to six weeks, we saw Saudi’s Mobily (7020) mostly trade sideways within a rough range of 79.5-83.5. The problem is that [...]

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    Is there a play?

    After a very sharp sell-off in earlier in the month, Saudi Ind. Export (Sadirat 4140) appears to [...]

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    To sell or not to sell?

    On April 23, we said that our trade in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) generated a return of 15.8% and we said that more [...]

  • A return of 12.6% in two days and…

    The last two days have definitely been happy for those who followed our advice on Drake & Scull (DSI). Our trade is up 12.6% [...]

  • UAE equities: Expect the unexpected

    If you ever followed the UAE equity markets back in late 2008 then I am sure you watched in awe the extent of the drop in local [...]

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    The pros and cons…

    After a strong performance in the first half of the month, Mouwasat (4002) faced profit taking activity that drove the share price from [...]

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    A 3% return in one day and…

    On Thursday, we said that Drake & Scull (DSI) was breaking out and that the move hinted at further gains in the stock. Our advice was [...]

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    What is it saying?

    On Thursday, we said that our catch-up play on Dubai Financial Market (DFM) was unfolding and we highlighted the 7.1% return on [...]

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    Where is the momentum?

    On April 23, we highlighted the important resistance that Emaar (EMAR) was facing around 5.35 and our advice was to [...]