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  • It’s been dull

    In the past ten days or so, our commentaries on the Saudi market have been scarce and our focus has been on a couple of [...]

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    Trading the short momentum

    Similar to what we have seen in many stocks lately (Arabtec and Drake & Scull for example), it looks like a [...]

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    It’s playing out

    On September 16, we said that one of interesting themes that was at play in Saudi were the small/mid-caps petrochemical and [...]

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    Still with the trade

    On September 23, we highlighted the 12% return on our initial trade on RAK Properties (RAKP) and we advised using [...]

  • It’s been dull and weak

    It has been a while since we have updated on Qatar (QSI) or any of its underlying stocks and for obvious […[

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    Building up momentum?

    On September 16, we issued a fairly long note discussing Drake & Scull (DSI). We had mentioned how the stock had [...]

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    Another one joins the list

    As we attempt to make the most out of the speculative game that is currently at play in the UAE, we highlight [...]

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    Playing the game

    As part of our attempt to play the speculative game that is currently taking place in the UAE, we highlight [...]

  • Discussing UAE and regional equities – CNBC Arabia

    We take a look at the current market conditions in the context of the recent developments and paint a comparative view between the first half of the year and recent months. We also highlight some of the changing dynamics that we have seen in the UAE markets in the recent past.

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    A 12% return and a re-entry?

    In that group, we highlighted one laggard, RAK Properties (RAKP) that we thought would eventually catch-up to its [...]