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    What to make of the reaction?

    The open was a strong one with the DFMGI gaining 4% and one would think that those who missed the [...]

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    At what price should you buy?

    For those of you who decided not to buy before the Expo results were announced and for those who want to add [...]

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    Eying an Expo-driven breakout

    In recent notes, we had mentioned that there seemed to be some positioning by international investors ahead of the [...]

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    The moment of truth

    Today is the last trading session before the Expo2020 results are announced and we can clearly see some [...]

  • Discussing Expo2020 and Iran – AlArabiya

    Our interview with Nadine Hani from Al Arabiya yesterday discussed the impact that the Expo2020 could have on Dubai and UAE equities. The discussion also touched upon the recent Iran-G5+1 deal and its implications on regional equities in general.

  • A return of 8.5%, more upside in sight

    On October 21, we expressed our bullish view towards the Saudi Petrochemical sector and one of our picks at the time was [...]

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    What’s your strategy?

    In earlier notes, we highlighted the outperformance of the heavyweights in Dubai lately and we said it would make sense to [...]

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    Playing the heavyweights

    Last week, we highlighted Emaar’s outperformance and we said that that it made sense to take exposure to Dubai through [...]

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    Another heavyweight on the move

    Last week, we highlighted Emaar’s outperformance and we said that it seemed as if foreign investors were [...]

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    Stopped out but still good

    On November 7, we said that Saudi’s Shaker (1214) was facing renewed buying interest after an extended drop and we [...]