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    On the Saudi banks

    On January 9, we followed up our Saudi banks trades highlighting the mixed performance among our [...]

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    Eyeing a re-entry

    On January 23, we highlighted the 10.8% gain on our two-week trade in Oreedoo (ORDS) and we [...]

  • Expect more volatility

    Some are wondering how is it that we are cautious on the UAE markets and yet we continue to put on [...]

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    Trading the potential

    The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is one stock we have been positive on for some time. It was one of the [...]

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    A re-entry?

    On January 28, we said that the protective stop on our trade in Gulf Finance House (GFH) was triggered forcing [...]

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    Playing the heavyweights

    We are facing a situation where the risk is getting higher but the liquidity continues to be supportive [...]

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    Dubai Islamic Bank joins in on the move too

    In light of our latest note on Emaar, we highlight a similar renewed buying interest in Dubai Islamic Bank [...]

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    Catchy move by Emaar

    We are seeing a very interesting move in the heavyweight Emaar that could carry some [...]

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    Still in volatility mode

    On January 26, we warned against the contagion effect that global markets might have on UAE equities and [...]

  • Discussing the UAE sell-off – Al Arabiya

    We discuss with Nadine Hani from Al Arabiya the reasons behind the sell-off in UAE equities and we share our views for the coming months.