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  • Rebound Still In Play?

    Since then, the rebound followed through and has pretty much attained our target levels. So what now? [...]

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    Rebound In Play

    We may now be looking at interesting short-term opportunities which will allow traders and investors to either [...]

  • What Now?

    Since then, the US equities market as well as oil prices staged a rebound increasing the chances of [...]

  • Is It Over Yet?

    As far as GCC equity markets are concerned, we will be watching today’s reaction, and chances are high that [...]

  • Oil vs TASI

    Since then, oil prices continued to sell-off hard affecting [...]

  • Falling Oil

    More importantly, global markets witnessed another sharp decline in [..]

  • This Is How We Predicted The Correction – Oct. 2014 On Al Arabiya

    Al Arabiya runs an interview to discuss our anticipated correction and how we GCC equities from the current levels. This was in relation to our predictions issued on September 25 making the case for a global as well as a regional correction in equity markets.

  • Mounting Fear

    Overseas, the US market witnessed yet another day of heavy selling. The VIX, which measures [...]

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    Update: Saudi Trades

    Then yesterday we sent out another note analyzing the major sell-off that hit the Saudi market and we [...]

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    Update: Qatar Trades

    In line with our previous note we sent out yesterday on the heavy selling currently hitting [..]