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    What Next?

    The sharp sell-off we are seeing in the UAE markets suggests a [...]

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    Talk About Contagion

    After having seen buying interest pick up in Arabtec early last week and after [...]

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    Qatar: Now What?

    On July 2, we highlighted the big reversal in the Qatari index (QSI) after having avoided much [...]

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    Saudi: Where Do We Stand

    We turned cautious on the Saudi market on May 20 when we advised closing no less than [...]

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    Are We There Yet

    On June 10, we issued a note saying that the second leg of the correction appeared to be unfolding [...]

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    What’s Going On?

    On May 27, we highlighted the encouraging signs of recovery in the UAE markets and we tested [...]

  • On The UAE Sell-off

    On May 18, we highlighted the weakness in the UAE market and we said that the sell-off that took place on [...]

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    Better Safe Than Sorry

    We have clearly expressed caution towards the UAE markets in recent notes and this was [...]

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    So…How Bad?

    We labeled that shock as… Moreover, we have stressed the importance of being in the [...]

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    How Bad Is It?

    Just after the open on Thursday, we sent a note sharing an observation we made on the UAE markets. We said [...]