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    UAE: Where do we stand?

    As shown on the chart, the price action in the past 10 trading sessions reflected market [...]

  • Turning cautious on UAE!

    On January 9, we talked about the shift that appeared to be taking place in the UAE markets. We said that the heavyweights [...]

  • Remember Rule Number 2?

    Early last months we entertained the possibility of witnessing a near-term correction and we said one could [...]

  • It’s all good

    On December 24, we highlighted the sideways price action in the Dubai Financial Market General Index (DFMGI) and we [...]

  • Is this the end?

    Though a 1.7% drop in one day may seem significant, yesterday’s sell-off is very [...]

  • Where to?

    On December 3, we reiterated our call for a rally to the 3000-3100 zone in the Dubai Financial Market General index (DFMGI) and we [...]

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    Eying an Expo-driven breakout

    In recent notes, we had mentioned that there seemed to be some positioning by international investors ahead of the [...]

  • UAE: What does the rebound mean?

    So what happened that tilted the balance to the buy side yesterday? Well, our view is that in the absence of a catalyst and [...]

  • UAE: The sell-off is…

    After a relatively dull trading activity in Dubai during most of the session yesterday, the market took an ugly turn [...]

  • Better safe than sorry

    When the UAE markets re-opened after the Eid break, we said that the high volume rally that day was short-term [...]