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    Morning Call 3/1/2015

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    Another Test?

    On July 2, we said that we were still not convinced that the correction is [...]

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    More Upside?

    After a strong uptrend since early 2011, Mouwasat Medical Services Company (4002) pulled back in June along with the rest of the Saudi market. [...]

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    Trading Along

    The rotation to the lagging real estate developers and the banks which we have discussed during [...]

  • Forget volatility, it’s a roller coaster

    UAE markets witnessed an active, and if we may say, a scary session yesterday. The sharp reversal the markets witnessed when [...]

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    Direction vs. Noise

    In the attached chart of Emaar (EMAR), we highlight the price action of the last four sessions and call it noise [...]

  • Two rules every trader should follow

    This is not your typical market or stock update but I thought many of you may find interesting our latest op-ed article on The National [...]

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    Will it follow?

    After a sharp fall that followed the recent announcement by the CMA, Food Products (2100)…the odds are high that we see [...]

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    A fast run

    On April 24, we said that our trade on AirArabia (AIRA) reached our pre-determined target of 0.940 thereby triggering an exit. At the same time, we expressed [...]

  • Pay attention and open your eyes

    It has been a while since our last update on Oil and much has happened from the time we published our piece back on December 30 [...]