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  • Eying the 1500-1550 area

    On January 6, we highlighted the strong rally in the S&P500 following the “Fiscal Cliff” deal at the beginning of the year and we made the [...]

  • The S&P500 after the deal

    On December 30, we said that our strategy was never to bet on a market a move ahead of a major event such as the decision on a “Fiscal Cliff” deal. Our view was [...]

  • The fall and the rebound

    On December 9, we said that our call to sell the rallies in Brent oil was in place highlighting the fall from 112 to 107 for a loss of 4.5% in Brent prices [...]

  • S&P500 falls off the resistance, “Fiscal Cliff” looms

    On December 1, we said that the S&P500 was approaching a key resistance zone at 1430-1470 where selling pressure would likely emerge. Our recommendation was [...]

  • Brent falls off, validates our view

    On November 19, we highlighted the weak relationship between the S&P500 and Oil (Brent) and we said that a short-term [...]

  • The risk balance shifts to the downside, again

    On November 18, we said that the S&P500 attained our downside target of 1350 and that short-term rebounds would likely be met with [...]

  • The Risk-On Risk-Off Relationship

    In this note, we will try to shed light on one of the key warning signals we have had for some time, and which helped us become more comfortable with our bearish call. It is the [...]

  • What’s Oil up to?

    After a rebound in the summer of this year, Brent Oil has moved alongside a medium-term down trendline that has defined this year’s performance. In the last three months, we [...]

  • S&P500 hits our target

    On October 24, we turned bearish on the S&P 500 and said that the index could start a global down move. Then on November 8, we highlighted the sharp one day sell-off which came in as a validation to [...]

  • Our S&P bearish call takes shape

    It was a call we wish we had wrong…but we did not. On October 24, we turned bearish on the S&P500 and we said that the index could start a global down move. Our view was that a short to medium-term top [...]