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    Rebound In Play

    We may now be looking at interesting short-term opportunities which will allow traders and investors to either [...]

  • What Now?

    Since then, the US equities market as well as oil prices staged a rebound increasing the chances of [...]

  • Is It Over Yet?

    As far as GCC equity markets are concerned, we will be watching today’s reaction, and chances are high that [...]

  • Falling Oil

    More importantly, global markets witnessed another sharp decline in [..]

  • Mounting Fear

    Overseas, the US market witnessed yet another day of heavy selling. The VIX, which measures [...]

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    Update: Qatar Trades

    In line with our previous note we sent out yesterday on the heavy selling currently hitting [..]

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    Follow-up On The Qatari Market

    In our last note dated September 14, we labeled the new highs the market had hit as only marginal ones that hardly reflected buyers’ conviction. [...]

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    Up 4.4% And More To Go…

    The trade is now starting to unfold and the position is up 4.4% since then. [...]

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    Since then, MARK only rebounded slightly and has been consolidating sideways for the last two months in a [...]

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    Update On The Qatari Market

    The market has not done much since and although we did see new highs on the index, they have been [...]