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  • Follow-up: Where To?

    Since then, equities continued to slide slower along with oil prices and talk about oil prices hitting [...]

  • Where To?

    The reaction in regional equities should not come as a surprise since we’ve been warning [...]

  • Rebound In Play?

    However, there was an important global development over the weekend with China surprising [...]

  • Renewed Weakness

    Oil prices took another big hit on Thursday and were down close to [...]

  • Renewed Weakness

    As far as regional equities are concerned, we had already mentioned in our [...]

  • Frontier Selling

    That said, there has been an important development globally where BoJ surprised by [...]

  • Rebound Still In Play?

    Since then, the rebound followed through and has pretty much attained our target levels. So what now? [...]

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    Rebound In Play

    We may now be looking at interesting short-term opportunities which will allow traders and investors to either [...]

  • What Now?

    Since then, the US equities market as well as oil prices staged a rebound increasing the chances of [...]

  • Is It Over Yet?

    As far as GCC equity markets are concerned, we will be watching today’s reaction, and chances are high that [...]