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  • This Is How We Predicted The Correction – Oct. 2014 On Al Arabiya

    Al Arabiya runs an interview to discuss our anticipated correction and how we GCC equities from the current levels. This was in relation to our predictions issued on September 25 making the case for a global as well as a regional correction in equity markets.

  • UAE And Saudi Equities – July 17 On Al Arabiya

    We comment on the very low trading activity in the UAE as well as the run-up in the Saudi market following the ministry’s decision to open up the Tadawul to foreign investor.

  • Discussing The UAE Sell-off – June 30

    After calling the recent correction in the UAE and having warned against buying throughout the fall, we discuss our latest views on UAE equities with Nadine Hani from Al Arabiya.

  • Discussing The Next Leg of The Correction – June 2

    After predicting the first leg of the correction, we discuss the beginning of the next leg after seeing a short-lived rebound in the UAE markets.

  • UAE Equities After Calling The Correction – May 20

    We warned against the correction and now we are seeing it unfold. In this interview, we reiterate our negative view on the UAE markets and highlight the chances of seeing further losses ahead.

  • Disucssing GCC Equities with Nadine Hani – AlArabiya

    We discuss GCC equity markets with Nadine Hani from AlArabiya highlighting our latest views on the key regional indices following the strong rallies in 2013 and in early 2014.

  • Discussing the UAE sell-off – Al Arabiya

    We discuss with Nadine Hani from Al Arabiya the reasons behind the sell-off in UAE equities and we share our views for the coming months.

  • Reason For Turning Cautious – Al Arabiya

    Our interview with Lara Habib yesterday discussed our reasons for turning cautious towards the UAE as well as our take on the recent pick-up in trading activity.

  • Discussing Dubai Islamic & UAE Markets – Al Arabiya

    Yesterday’s interview with Lara Habib discussed last week’s gains in Dubai Islamic Bank – our top pick among the UAE banks and a stock we have held for months and continue to hold with an open target.

    We shared our views on the UAE markets in general highlighting the potential scenarios that can develop in the markets in 2014.

  • Wrapping up 2013 and discussing 2014 – Al Arabiya

    Our interview with Fatima yesterday wrapped up the year for the UAE markets and discussed where the local indices currently stand. It also highlighted our views for 2014 and touched on our top picks in Saudi.