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  • Discussing UAE and Saudi Equities – Al Arabiya

    We discuss the current state of UAE equities with Lara Habib as we shed light on the market’s performance following Dubai’s WIN of the Expo 2020. We also talk about our favorite short-term theme in Saudi.

  • Discussing Expo2020 and Iran – AlArabiya

    Our interview with Nadine Hani from Al Arabiya yesterday discussed the impact that the Expo2020 could have on Dubai and UAE equities. The discussion also touched upon the recent Iran-G5+1 deal and its implications on regional equities in general.

  • Analyzing Emaar and the UAE markets – CNBC Arabia

    We talk with Lubna Bouza from CNBC Arabia about Emaar’s stock reaction in light of the results and share our views on the UAE stock markets in general. We also discuss Saudi highlighting the petrochemical theme along with the impact global markets could potentially have on GCC equities.

  • A recap of UAE markets in Q3 – Al Arabiya

    We discuss with Nadine Hani from Al Arabiya the performance of the UAE equity markets in the third quarter of 2013 wherein we highlight the diverging performances among many of the underlying stocks in the local markets.

  • Discussing UAE and regional equities – CNBC Arabia

    We take a look at the current market conditions in the context of the recent developments and paint a comparative view between the first half of the year and recent months. We also highlight some of the changing dynamics that we have seen in the UAE markets in the recent past.

  • Discussing the UAE markets with CNBC Arabia

    In light of the geopolitical events that haunt the region, CNBC Arabia visited our office to discuss our latest views on the UAE markets and how the events could impact local equities in the foreseeable future.

  • An overview of global markets in the context of “Fed Tapering” – CNBC Arabia

    With so much debate over whether or not (and when) the Federal Reserve will begin its tapering in the purchase of assets, we share our views on the topic and provide a quick overview of how we see the various asset classes behaving over the next few months.

  • UAE small caps – Al Arabiya TV

    We discuss the latest rally in the small caps in the UAE and highlight the recent domination by local traders and investors. We also touch on the recent developments in global markets and the potential impact they might have on the UAE as well as other equity markets in the GCC.

  • UAE and Saudi Equities – Al Arabiya TV

    We follow up with Al Arabiya TV on our equity market calls on the UAE and Saudi Arabia as we share our views on the regional equities ahead of the second quarter earnings. We highlight the strength of the Saudi banks as a sector and comment on the recent performance of the UAE indices as well as our outlook for the local market in the foreseeable future.

  • Dubai after our target of 2450 – Al Arabiya TV

    We discuss with Nadine Hani from Al Arabiya our note published by Arabian Business on June 11, titled “Is this the end of the Dubai rally?” during which we explain our reasons for having taken a cautious view on the market earlier this month and why we think the markets could correct further before resuming their rallies.